Bright Nite is an authorised dealer for Olight torches in Australia. We carry a huge selection of Olight torch products. We offer free shipping on orders over $99 and dispatched next business day.

Olight’s commitment to quality and excellence in the field of LED lights and torches is remarkable – as is their ability to make lasting products that are eye-catching, too. As a brand, Olight seems to have perfected the fine art of having the right model and design for almost any occasion. From the slender Olight S15 to the heavy-duty Olight M3X Triton XM-L2, you can be sure that Olight’s versatile LED torches will give you the right kind of light for any situation.

Olight LED torches have been gauged by our experts in Bright Nite as some of the optimum lights for hunting, and we can say we’re big fans. In fact, Olight LED is one of the three brands we recommend as part of our exclusive hunters’ kits: our selections are known for being strong, sharp and steady, making them the perfect companions for those adrenaline-infused moments in the field....

And what’s more, Olight knows how to accessorise its torches. Apart from the standard set of lanyard cables and O-rings that come with the purchase of any LED Olight, there’s also a large selection of optional accessories you can choose in our online store. There are countless ways to customise an Olight torch to make it truly your own!

The Bright Nite Seal of Approval

This is what we like the most about Olight torches:

  • Battery variety – the Olight torch outdoor range, specifically the hunting kind, comes with numerous battery options, allowing you to control the power and brightness of your Olight device like never before;
  • Impact protection – While durability is a feature we look for in all of the LED torches we carry at Bright Nite, Olight uses a special stainless steel bezel material that protects your device from the hardest and sharpest drops.
  • Strobe mode – Many Olight torches come with an instant access to strobe mode, making it available right at your fingertips in times of need;
  • Versatility – Olight excels in making premium LED torches in so many different ways – from the key-ring attachable, multi-coloured i3s 80 – to the ever-popular Maverick and Warrior tactical series, we think there’s definitely an Olight for everyone. 

Find your own Olight – check out our online store, or call your friendly neighbourhood Olight expert for more information today.

What is your next Olight torch purchase going to be?