EagleTac Torches Australia

Bright Nite is an authorised dealer for EagleTac torches and rechargeable batteries in Australia. 

Go where the eagles dare – or where your EagleTac will take you. Fierce and formidable, EagleTac LED torches are your source for staggering light coupled with super durability. Founded in 2009, EagleTac prides itself on its in-house approach every step of the way – from the initial conceptualisation to the R&D and the final assembly. Their standards, as a result, are high; their self expectations, even higher.

The company’s ultimate focus is on tactical LED torches, but by no means does this mean their lights can’t be used in other situations. On the contrary, precisely because of their self-aware method of manufacturing and design, EagleTac products are diverse and adaptable over a broad range of situations....

At the same time, EagleTac prides itself on creating products that are balanced between value for money, efficiency of use and aesthetically appeal. Who says you can’t be both pretty and strong?

The Bright Nite Seal of Approval

  • Tons of features: EagleTac torches come armed with a host of nifty features like varied output and brightness levels, anti-reflective and anti-spill coating on the lens and turbo boost technology for extreme brightness. Chockablock with features like these, they’re definitely fun to work and play with.
  • One-hand usage: EagleTac’s eye on consumer ease of use is definitely worth noting. The user experience is enhanced, for instance by being able to control most of the host of an EagleTac torch’s features with just one hand, increasing convenience of control.
  • Tail stands: A definite plus if your EagleTac has one of these, allowing it to balance perfectly on end, eliminating worries about rolling and drop-offs.
  • Customisable settings: Not only are they loaded with features, EagleTac's are the rare breed of torches that allow unprecedented levels of user control and customisation, so that your favourite features will always be at your finger tips!

All said and done, EagleTac's are serious LED torches for serious situations, including those that require enhanced light capacity. Check out our EagleTac range online, or contact us for more details.