XTAR AA Lithium 4150mWh/2500mAh Battery with Low Voltage Indicator – 4 Pack

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The XTAR rechargeable 1.5V AA cell is suitable for use in appliances as a replacement for any disposable AA cells.

Unlike traditional Ni-MH rechargeable cells (which have a nominal voltage of 1.2V and some device manufacturers recommend using Ni-MH rechargeable cells due to the voltage being too low).

Due to the Li-ion cell used, and the voltage controller, the cell voltage remains at 1.5V (the voltage of single-use AA cells gradually decreases from ~1.65V to ~0.9V as they wear out). For this reason, when using an XTAR 1.5V AA battery, the devices will work in the same mode (for example, the flashlight will shine at the same brightness) until the battery is fully discharged.

When the cell is almost discharged, the voltage is reduced to 1.1V – thus preventing unexpected stoppage of the device, and, if the device in use has a battery level indicator, there will be indication of the discharged cell.

Also, thanks to the Li-ion technology, this cell has a high number of charging cycles, does not have a “memory” effect (it is not harmed by charging even when fully discharged) and is able to deliver a higher current than standard disposable or rechargeable Ni-MH cells.


  • Standard Ni-MH cell chargers or standard Li-ion 3.6/3.7V chargers are not suitable for charging this cell.
  • Use dedicated 1.5V Li-ion chargers to charge the XTAR 1.5V AA cell (such as XTAR ET4S, or LC4).

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The highest real capacity in the field

  • Charge capacity 2500mAh, energy 4150mWh
  • Consistent and reliable 1.5V output
  • Super quick charging time 2.9 hours, with smart LED indicator
  • Intelligent safety chip, anti-leakage and multiple protections
  • Low-voltage detection function
  • Cycle life more than 1200 times

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