Klarus E5 EDC Rechargeable 470 Lumen Tool Light with Magnetic Base – 41 Metres

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The slim, lightweight, and Type-C rechargeable Klarus E5 EDC tool light with magnetic base, offers dual light sources. There is a main circular COB LED and an auxiliary rectangular COB LED, covering both close up area lighting and a focused beam for distance illumination. It also features strobe and red/blue strobe. It is made from 6063 aluminium alloy, weighing just 35.8 grams, under 11cm in length, and only 15mm thick. With a max output of 470 lumens, 6 output modes, maximum 12-hour runtime, magnetic base, and pocket clip, the E5 is functional and versatile.

Dimensions: 106mm x 25mm x 15mm

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【KLARUS】E5 - Magnetic Base EDC Tool Light


· A mere 35.8 grams of weight and only 15mm thick in a compact and lightweight design

· Dual-source main/auxiliary light design, covering both close up area lighting and distance illumination

· Magnetic base and pocket clip design for hands free use

· 12 hours of maximum battery life, Type-C direct charging, convenient and fast charging


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Weight .04 kg

Black, Green


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  1. Durability: Klarus flashlights are built to last. They are made with high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the toughest environments and conditions. This means they can handle drops, impacts, and extreme weather conditions.

  2. Brightness: Klarus flashlights use advanced LED technology to deliver powerful and bright illumination. They have multiple lighting modes that allow you to choose the right level of brightness for your needs.

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Overall, a Klarus flashlight is a great investment for anyone who needs a reliable and high-quality lighting solution for their outdoor or professional activities.

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Outdoor activities: Klarus flashlights are great for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. They offer bright illumination that can help you navigate through dark trails and campsites. Klarus now offer a range of different torches/ lanterns/ headlamps and more ideally suited to these activities. From smaller torches light enough to carry for long periods hiking to larger klarus lanterns to light up a whole camp site. Just look through Klarus’ range to see for yourself.

Emergencies: In case of power outages or other emergencies, Klarus flashlights can be a reliable source of light. Their long battery life and durability make them a great addition to any emergency kit. Klarus offer a large range of torches and great quality work lights that are ideal for these circumstances and everyday use as well around the home or out on the job.

Everyday use: Klarus flashlights can be used for everyday tasks such as finding lost items in a dark room or navigating through a dimly lit parking lot, or simply put any odd job around the house or yard always benefits from a good handheld torch or quality klarus headlamp, If you do not already have a great Klarus torch or klarus headlamp around the home you will not regret your choice in picking one up.

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