AceBeam H16 Lightweight Right Angle 650 Lumen Headlamp/Torch – High CRI

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AceBeam H16 is a lightweight running headlamp and the first on the market with high-colour-rendering (High CRI). It uses a 519A LED which produces a 5000K, uniform, and full large beam. The light is soft, comfortable, and non-glaring. 1x 14500 Type-C rechargeable battery is included, and it is also compatible with a standard AA battery, which is reliable, inexpensive, and easy to find. It can be firmly attached to a metal surface with the magnetic tail or clip onto your pocket as a chest lamp, covering various lighting demands.

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Acebeam H16: The Most Comfortable Dual Headlamp/Flashlight You'll Ever Use!


  • 1x 519A Neutral White, Colour Temperature 5000K, High CRI90
  • Max Output 650 Lumens, 100° Wide Range Flood Beam;
  • Included one 14500/Type-C rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Compatible with one AA Alkaline or NiMH rechargeable battery, wide range of Voltage design: 0.9V~4.2V
  • Durable tempered glass lens with AR film plating for scratch resistance, light transmittance reach up to 99%
  • High efficiency constant current circuit board provides maximum runtime of 58 hours
  • Low-voltage warning design
  • One switch controls 5 brightness levels and 1 special mode sos
  • Comfortable fit provided by the ergonomic adjustable headband (Included) Reflective headband to remain visible at night
  • Two-way body clip capability for varying conditions
  • Magnetic tail hands-free fixation
  • Premium type HAlll hard-anodised anti-abrasive finish
  • IP68 grade (2 metres submersible)
  • lmpact resistance 1.5 metres
  • Special design for running, camping and harsh outdoor environments


Size: 81.6 × 19 ×17 mm

Weight: 53.5 g / 1.9 oz(Including battery)

Weight: 71 g / 2.5 oz (Including battery and Headband with holder)


1 x ACEBEAM H16 headlamp

1 x ACEBEAM 14500 USB-C rechargeable battery

1 x Type-C charging cable

1 x Headband with silicone holder

1 x Pocket clip

2 x O-rings

1 x User manual


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AceBeam FAQs

There are several reasons why buying a quality Acebeam torch is a smart investment.

Firstly, Acebeam torches are known for their exceptional brightness, which is achieved through the use of high-quality LED bulbs. This means that you’ll have a reliable source of bright light whenever you need it, whether you’re working in low-light conditions or exploring the outdoors at night.

Secondly, Acebeam torches are built to last, with durable materials and construction that can withstand tough conditions. This means that you won’t have to worry about your torch breaking or failing when you need it most.

Thirdly, many Acebeam torches offer multiple modes and settings, allowing you to customize your lighting to fit your needs. Whether you need a bright beam for long-range visibility or a dimmer setting for up-close work, Acebeam torches offer versatility that other torches may not.

Overall, buying a quality Acebeam torch is a smart investment because it provides you with a reliable, durable, and versatile source of light that can be used in a variety of situations.

Who uses Acebeam torches?

Acebeam torches are used by a wide range of people and professions, outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

Outdoor enthusiasts, such as hikers and campers often use Acebeam torches as a reliable source of light during their outdoor activities. These torches can provide bright, long-range visibility, making them ideal for navigating in low-light conditions.

Many professions also rely on Acebeam torches for their work. These torches can provide bright illumination in emergency situations, allowing first responders to see clearly and respond more effectively to incidents.

In addition to these professions, Acebeam torches are also used by professionals in a variety of other fields, such as construction, maintenance, and engineering. These torches can provide reliable lighting in areas where natural light is limited or non-existent, making them an essential tool for many professionals.

Acebeam offers a limited warranty of 5 years on their products, which covers any manufacturing defects.

The warranty covers any defects that occur during normal use of the torch. If your torch fails due to a manufacturing defect or faulty workmanship within the warranty period, Acebeam will repair or replace the torch free of charge.

It’s important to note that the warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, or neglect of the torch. This includes things like dropping the torch, using it in an inappropriate environment, or failing to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and maintenance.

Overall, Acebeam’s warranty provides customers with added peace of mind when purchasing their products, knowing that they are backed by a trusted manufacturer with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.