Bright Nite is an authorised dealer of Fenix LED torches and products in Australia. We carry a huge selection of Fenix torch products. We offer free shipping on orders over $99 and dispatched next business day.

Like its namesake, the phoenix – a mythical firebird that was reborn for all eternity through the power of the sun – Fenix torches are symbols of enduring brilliance. Smooth, sleek and light, Fenix products has time and again surpassed the highest commercial standards of outdoor LED lights and is the go-to brand for many an exploratory spirit.

Fenix flashlights are built with an eye on outdoor performance; you would be hard-pressed to find a better approach towards portable light-making for your al fresco adventures anywhere. And what’s more, Fenix LED torches are working pieces – designed to be dependable, durable and dutiful LED torches that will accompany you to work every day without hesitation, for years....

And cementing their place in the workforce, the makers of Fenix Torches are also responsible for expertly made LED headlamps that will lead the way through even the deepest subterranean darkness. If it’s hands-free comfort you seek while exploring the ends of the earth (for work or fun), the Fenix range of headlamps are your best bet, time after time.

The Bright Nite Seal of Approval

These are a few of our favourite things about the Fenix brand of LED torches in Australia:

  • Digital regulation of brightness and battery power – so that the light they shine is consistent;
  • Reverse polarity protection – so that putting the right battery in the wrong way won’t hurt your Fenix torch;
  • Materials of the highest quality – whether they’re plastic or aluminium;
  • Many shapes and sizes – whether you’re looking for a pocket-sized light or a truly impressive goliath; and
  • Extra tough exteriors with nifty features like anti-reflective coated lens, water resistance and anti-slip grips – all to make Fenix light pieces the truly outdoors type of torch.

Nothing suits a Fenix LED torch better than the right accessory; our online shop lets you pick from a range of gun mounts and holsters to transport your Fenix in the most convenient way. And of course, if it’s rechargeable batteries or chargers that are you are scouting for, don’t forget to peek at the extremely versatile range in the Bright Nite online store. We picked these accessories for their compatibility with a wide range of LED torches and headlamps, making them the perfect fit for a Fenix torch.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your next excursion with a Fenix torch or LED headlamp right away!