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Invest in Quality: Top 10 Rechargeable Torch Brands You Can Trust in 2024


In an increasingly unpredictable world, where adventure and preparedness are both highly valued, the importance of a reliable torch cannot be overstated. Whether for those late-night wanderings in the wilderness, urgent situations during power outages, or for tactical use in professional settings, a durable and long-lasting torch is an essential tool. The year 2024 has seen advancements in battery life, durability, and luminosity, making the selection of a top-notch torch brand a critical decision for consumers who value safety and reliability.

As we delve deeper into our analysis, we will spotlight renowned brands such as AceBeam, Klarus, Fenix, EagTac, Led Lenser, JetBeam, Imalent, Olight, Wuben and Speras. Each of these brands has been selected for their innovative designs and commitment to quality that have set them apart in the 2024 market. Their offerings range from ultra-bright, heavy-duty torches to compact, everyday carry lights, catering to the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts, emergency responders, and casual users alike. In the following sections, we’ll dissect what makes each of these brands noteworthy in their approach to combining reliability, function, and cutting-edge technology.


Acebeam company was founded in 2014 and is known for its high-quality, reliable flashlights. Acebeam flashlights are used by people in over 89 countries around the world. The company offers a five-year warranty on all of its products. Acebeam is a torch brand that offers a variety of high-power portable lighting products. They are known for their quality, reliability, and durability. Acebeam offers a wide variety of products, including EDC flashlights, tactical flashlights, headlamps, high power flashlights, PL lights, dive lights, and accessories.

Acebeam are will known in recent times for the range of LEP lights and great range of rechargeable tactical torches. As you’ll see with most of these brands they offer a wide selection of products, as we have found with any good lighting company they offer a full range of torches and head torches. From small EDC friendly torches to larger search lights Acebeam has a torch for anyone. They also have one of the brightest head torches I the H30 being 4000lumens on Turbo.


Klarus was founded in 2011. Klarus flashlights are known for being reliable and powerful, and they are used by military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. The company’s motto is “Innovation in Illumination”. They are leaders in tactical torches and over the years have perfected their torches to become very reliable and with many different options to choose from with smaller EDC tactical options to larger full sized tactical torches on offer. They have since moved into the lantern and work light space also with many design and function options now available. All made from super robust materials and will be sure to last the test of time.

In keeping with their progressive ethos, Klarus stands at the forefront of rechargeable technology within the torch industry. Their dedication to innovating power solutions has led to the integration of USB-C rechargeable batteries in many of their devices along with fast charge USB-C straight into their torches. This feature not only makes their flashlights more convenient and eco-friendly by reducing battery waste but also ensures that users can easily recharge their devices, even in remote locations, enhancing the functionality of flashlights for professionals and adventurers alike. With their finger on the pulse of technological advancement, Klarus continues to redefine portability and power efficiency in tactical and outdoor illumination.


Olight was founded in 2006. Olight flashlights are known for their sleek design and high-quality performance. They offer a wide range of products including EDC flashlights, tactical flashlights, headlamps, weapon lights, searchlights, and more. With even recently moving into tactical pens and some knife and pry bar options. Their product selection is one of the biggest in this range of brands, not only in product SKU’s but also in variations of colour and material with carbon fibre and titanium in their premium lines.

What sets Olight apart with rechargeable torches is that majority of their torches have a specific light charger which is great if you are willing to get more than one Olight torch you can use the same charger but if you have torches already from different you will need to also carry this charger which can be a downside if your’e looking to get a range of other brands.


Speras Lighting is a relatively new company, founded in 2016. They specialize in rechargeable torches and waterproof flashlights for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. Their products are designed to withstand extreme conditions and are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability. Speras also offers a variety of headlamps, lanterns, and work lights to suit all.

Being a relatively new comer this has not slowed them down when it comes to innovation or quality they have a great range of torches that all aimed at a different purpose so it is easy to find the right torch to suit your needs. With utilising USB-C charger you will no longer have to have a different charger for each torch. They have managed to cement themselves in the market with a vast range of torches and more notably their EST range of torches from the Speras EST, Speras EST MAX and Speras EST PLUS all offering something a little different but keeping a similar design and feel.


Eagtac was founded in 2009 and is known for their high-performance flashlights designed for law enforcement, military, and outdoor use. They offer a wide range of products including tactical flashlights, searchlights, Although a smaller brand here in Australia don’t let that deter you they are large in the US and their quality is second to none. You do not last that many years making torches if your torches are no good. They specialise in simplicity their interface is usually the same across all models and functions with a click or press of a button, with mode settings to just be as simple as click on and off.

This is the company we go to for anything out of the ordinary as they custom build torches for Opal miners who are wanting bright powerful UV lights to snake catchers who are looking for the perfect CRI tint to highlight the snake scales. What ever the purpose Eagtac will be able to accommodate.


Jetbeam was founded in 2004 and is known for their innovative designs and high-quality flashlights. They offer a variety of products including EDC flashlights, tactical flashlights, headlamps, LEP’s and more. With their many years of producing torches they know what works and what doesn’t, but this does not mean they keep it safe with continuing to innovate and bring out some of the best security lights we have to offer.

If you’re looking for a reliable and durable torch, Jetbeam is definitely a brand to consider. Their torches are designed using high-grade materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that they can withstand the toughest environments. They also offer a range of features such as multiple modes, strobe functions, and rechargeable batteries and inbuilt chargers.


Imalent was founded in 2015 and is known for their high-performance flashlights designed for outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and everyday use. They offer a wide range of products including EDC flashlights, tactical flashlights, and more. But what they are most notable as a brand is producing the highest lumen torches in the world. They were/are the first to bring to market a torch that can reach 100,000 lumens making it the brightest torch in the world. They have now outdone themselves with doing back to the drawing board and improving on this torch in every way and now they have released the MS32 with a massive 200,000lumens turbo output. Making this the new worlds brightest torch, it is truely incredible what Imalent have been able to achieve out of in reality is such a tiny package.

Will they keep pushing the boundary on what is possible in portable hand-held lighting, we hope so. Is anyone likely to be knocking on their door for that crown only time will tell, but for now they rein supreme with the 3 brightest torches in the world MS18 (100,000lumens) SR32 (120,000lumens) and now the MS32 (200,000lumens).


Fenix was founded in 2004 and has become a well-known brand in the torch industry. They offer a wide range of products including flashlights, headlamps, bike lights, and more. Fenix is known for their durable and reliable products that are designed for everyday use as well as outdoor activities. With again having one of the largest ranges of torches, head torches, work lights and accessorise it easy to argue why Fenix are one of the premier brands in the torch business. With less than 1% returns world wide their dedication to detail and above all functionality and durability.

We notice that when ever a new Fenix light comes out it is alway built to task with all aspects of that task being considered and the torch is always designed to perfection. Not to say they never improve on older models when they can with the advancements in USB-C charging and better brighter LED’s. Fenix may not be the first to adopt these changes but be sure when they do all teething issues they may have come before would have been ironed out and their product will just work and work.

Led Lenser

Led Lenser was founded in 1994 and is known for their innovative designs and advanced technology in the flashlight industry. They offer a wide range of products including flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and more. One of their most popular products is the P7R which is still in their range today after many new iterations. They have and still are a huge brand all order the world and here in Australia they have rained as one of the top torch brands in the country since they have arrived. With the patented lighting (focusing) technology leading the way with how bright and far lights were able to shine. And now with new hands free technology in their head torches like the Led Lenser HF6R and Led Lenser HF8R.

In recent years we have seen many other companies start to catch up and very much over take Led Lenser with their lumen output and beam distance, but we have seen Led Lenser made larger changes to its product range and increase outputs on a lot of their staple torches in their range to start to compete against the every advancements of others with more lumens and shine further. If they keep going this way I think they will continue to be around for many years to come.


Wuben was founded in 1981 and is known for their high-quality flashlights designed for outdoor activities, law enforcement, and everyday use. They offer a variety of products including EDC flashlights, tactical flashlights, headlamps, and more. We have seen in recent years Wuben concentrate on more interesting and unique designs. Without compromising on overall light output and functionality they have been leaders in pushing the boundary on what torches should look like and how they should charge. From wireless cases and wireless charging torches they continue to adapt to where the industry is heading along with coming up with unique ideas and interesting torch designs.

We have seen many companies start to follow their lead creating more square and pocket friendly designs which is especially important for EDC (everyday carry) torch users. Wuben has also taken to double down on this approach with new products like the Wuben E7 a great design for a head torch with multiple accessories you can add, all the way to the Wuben X3 with wireless charging and glow in the dark/ transparent features.

In conclusion, these four brands are some of the top players in the flashlight industry and have proven to be reliable and high-performing. Each brand offers a unique selection of products with different features and capabilities, catering to various needs and preferences. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a professional in need of a reliable light source, or just looking for an everyday carry flashlight, you can find a suitable product from one of these brands. Additionally, all four brands have a strong focus on using advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure the best performance and durability for their products. So whether it’s for work or play, consider one of these top flashlight brands for your next purchase. Overall, investing in a high-quality flashlight is always worth it as it can be a reliable and essential tool in many situations. So, choose wisely and light up your adventures with one of these top brands. Happy exploring!

While this document has provided an in-depth look at ten leading brands in the rechargeable torch market of 2024, it’s important to note that the industry beams with an even more extensive selection of innovative companies. As the market continues to thrive and expand, new and established brands alike are not shying away from the challenge to illuminate the path for consumers. Keep an eye out for further installments where we will explore additional trailblazers in the world of portable lighting solutions, ensuring you’re always one step ahead in finding the torch that best fits your unique requirements.