LED Torches

LED torches are known for their impressive output, multiple power settings, extremely long LED life cycle and the capability to be frugal on batteries when needed. A good quality LED torch is worth its weight in gold, especially when in times of need. We are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in Australia  and having a reliable torch on hand can make that experience safer and more enjoyable.

The best LED torches and accessories are affordable, durable and convenient, and come with a generous manufacturer’s warranty....

Luckily, we’ve got all these things covered in our online LED torch shop at Bright Nite, where we strive to bring the latest in LED torch technology to Australia, via the World Wide Web.

Brightest LED torches

The LED torch market is inundated with retailers claiming they carry the best and brightest LED torches in Australia, but the truth is that no two uses for LED torches are alike, and therefore, one person’s best LED torch may not be another’s LED torch of choice. At Bright Nite, we pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge behind every single LED torch, LED headlamp and accessory we stock, and you can be assured we’ll listen to you to find you the best quality and most affordable LED torch that will suit your needs.

Powerful LED torches

Our online LED torch shop is the perfect place to browse for the perfect shining LED torch light for your next outdoor adventure. Or perhaps you’d prefer to look for the best rechargeable LED torch that you can take to work every night, if you’re in the security or law enforcement industry. Or you might be stopping by to browse our impressive line of AA LED torches and accessories, or have decided to try out one of our well-stocked and affordable hunters kits, complete with the carefully selected, brightest LED torches to illuminate your way on even the darkest of nights. Whatever your demands, we’re quite sure Bright Nite’s online LED shop has the perfect LED torches, headlamp, bike light or accessory for you!

Beauty, Brilliance and Quality

These are the three things we look for when researching LED torches, and our tried and trusted formula has helped us find the brightest LED torches, the best LED headlamps and the most durable LED accessories available on the market.

That’s why we carry tried and trusted brands like

  • •EagleTac LED Torches,
  • •Fenix LED torches, and
  • •Nitecore LED torches,

and also have trailblazers like

  • •Ferei LED headlamps,
  • •JETBeam LED torches,
  • •Olight LED torches, and
  • •Xtar LED torches

Led work flashlights

We understand the need for affordable LED torches that will neither compromise quality nor burn a hole in your pocket. Our durable accessories can help turn an LED flashlight into a LED headlamp in no time if you need both, but only have the budget for one.

Need a brighter LED torch in your life? Call us or shop online at Bright Nite today!

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  • Fenix RC40 6000 lumen rechargeable LED Torch

    3 reviews 0 5 5
    3 Review(s)

    What amazes all must be RC40, as a rechargeable flashlight features super high output and tough performance, its super high output reaches 6000 lumens and ultra-long distance goes 730 meters. Dual side switch is flexible in controlling five output modes, Strobe and SOS. Tailored rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, plus charging and discharging port with protective circuit, make it super efficient in battery charging, and also enable it supply for other digital devices. Detachable shoulder strap releases hand fatigue, RC40 is invincible companion in searching, rescuing, and self-driving illumination.

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    Regular Price: $609.95

    Special Price $589.95

  • ZebraLight SC600 Mk II L2 18650 XM-L2 Flashlight Cool White

    LED: CREE XML LED Maximum output: 1100 lumen Battery: 1 x 18650 Learn More

  • Fenix E12 130 lumen Torch

    6 reviews 0 5 5
    6 Review(s)

    Maximum output: 130 lumen
    Battery: 1 x AA (Included)
    Weight: 28.5g (Excluding battery)

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  • Fenix TK75 XM-L2 U2 4000 lumen LED Torch

    2 reviews 0 5 5
    2 Review(s)

    Astonishing combination of 4000-lumen maximum output and more than 11 days maximum runtime, Fenix TK75 is surely versatile and all-powerful to satisfy various lighting demands such as searching, securing, caving and more. Its dual body switch offers user-friendly output selection of 4 brightness levels and 2 momentary-on modes, meanwhile lockout design avoids the possibility of misoperation of the flashlight. Additionally, a multi-function socket for straps and tripod socket make TK75 portable and mountable, even more advantageous and reliable.

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  • JETBeam DDR30-GT Cree XHP70 3680 lumen Rechargeable LED Torch

    The JETBeam DDR30-GT is designed for daily use, camping, adventure and outdoor hunting

    Learn More

  • $69.95

  • $279.95

  • SUNWAYMAN D40A 980 Lumen LED Flashlight

    D40A is another superior Sunwayman AA type flashlight introduced. Powered by 4*AA batteries, inexpensive and widely available power source, very compact and solid structure, smaller yet stronger. Learn More

  • SUNWAYMAN V60C 798 Lumen LED Torch

    798 Lumens Rechargeable Fully Variable Magnetic Control Flashlight

    V60C, the first rechargeable model manufactured by SUNWAYMAN, utilizes brand-new soft contact charging system, reliable charging base, simply plug & charge, very easy and convenient. This light possesses the innovative multi-functional fully variable magnetic control ring, which utilizes a brand-new structure. The technology used in the new magnetic control ring surpasses even the traditional fully variable circuit. The V60C perfectly integrates the super-low standby current, wide range of output (6 to 798 lumens), and Strobe mode together, while providing a great hand-feel and easy to use interface, plus the ergonomically designed charging system, this moderate size high-end flashlight is an ideal lighting tool for outdoor activities, industrial and mining enterprises, police and law enforcement personnel.

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    Regular Price: $224.95

    Special Price $189.95

  • ThruNite TN4A (XP-L) Cool White LED Torch

    4 reviews 0 5 4.8
    4 Review(s)

    ThruNite TN4A CW is a compact but powerful LED thrower flashlight with high quality beam from orange peel reflector, which adopts the latest CREE XPL V6 LED to makes output up to 1150 lumens.

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