Bright Nite are an authorised dealer for Nitecore torches, rechargeable batteries and battery chargers in Australia.  We carry a huge selection of Nitecore torch products. We offer free shipping on orders over $99 and dispatched next business day.

The Nitecore brand has been synonymous with LED torches since its creation in 2004, and its reputation as a dependable source of portable light has only grown over the last decade. Designed with one eye on performance and the other on style, you can order Nitecore torches and LED flashlights online for delivery around Australia.

At Bright Nite, we take great care in selecting our range of flashlights and accessories so that your online experience in our LED store will be nothing short of illuminating. Nitecore joins the ranks beside the other premium brands we stock, including Fenix, Olight, EagleTac, JETBeam, Niteye, Ferei and Xtar....

Nitecore’s impressive range provides LED torches for a range of outdoor activities, and each model is unique in its own right. How, for instance, does the Nitecore Explorer line compare with the Nitecore SRT range? The quick answer is that they are built for varied uses and situations, meaning that one may be optimised for camping, while the other may be a better fit for law enforcement. A better response of course, would be to contact one of our experts to find the best fit for you.

The Bright Nite Seal of Approval

In general, we agree that all the Nitecore LED torches we stock in Australia have these great characteristics in common:

  • • They are made from military grade aluminium alloy, making them extra-strong and durable;
  • • They run for hours and hours. No really, the average run-time for Nitecore torches is anywhere from 10 to 70 hours, depending on the conditions;
  • • They are portable and easy to carry; and
  • • They are awesomely powerful, with multiple brightness and light “throw” options.

And then of course, there are the other Nitecore products, like the lithium ion rechargeable batteries. Known for their stability and discharge protection, you can be sure that these long-lasting little bundles of energy will help you get the most out of your LED torch. Capable of enduring hundreds of discharge cycles, a Nitecore lithium ion rechargeable battery will be your torch’s best friend throughout its life.

If you add Intellichargers – Nitecore’s universal, automatic smart-chargers that are compatible with almost all kinds of rechargeable batteries – to the mix, we can guarantee that you will be impressed by what your LED torch is capable of. The Intellicharger range is comprised of instinctive products that can detect battery power levels among other things, and will adjust automatically to stop charging when the battery is fully loaded. That’s even smarter than your smart phone, we’d say.

But don’t just take our word for it – check out our full range of high quality Nitecore products here, and don’t forget to give us a ring for instant answers!