We are an authorised dealer of JETBeam torches in Australia.

JETBeam’s no-nonsense approach to LED torch-making has earned it the reputation of being a bastion in the LED lighting industry. The brand is renowned for making extreme high performance products for tough conditions, and has consistently set high standards for itself since its conception in 2004.

The JETBeam models we have at Bright Nite have been hand-picked for their top form, as well as their capacity to produce some of the brightest LED beams in the torch industry. The company specialises in lightware for military, law enforcement, hunting, camping and other tactical performances, so needless to say, a JETBeam LED torch is not for the faint of heart....

Another ingenious innovation amongst JETBeam torches is their battery optimisation feature, which allows users to switch in between highest performance and longer battery life. This allows much flexibility in the types of use a JETBeam is suited to, all with the simple flick of the wrist.

The Bright Nite Seal of Approval

  • Mighty light: Time after time, JETBeam has produced some of the most powerful LED lights in their individual classes. Whether it’s the ultra bright JETBeam BC40 or the dazzling JETBeam DDR30 with a lightness of up to 3200 lumens, these LED torches are a testament to the brilliance of intelligent engineering and design.
  • Waterproof: Keeping with its overall approach to ruggedness, JETBeam has ensured its LED torches excel in this regard, too. Submersible up to 2 metres, these IPX-8 waterproof beauties are definitely built for the rough and tumble of the outdoors.
  • Digital display: Designed to show both the light power and the amount of battery life left, the JETBeam digital displays are a patented innovation that’s geared towards convenience in the outdoors.
  • Regulated power circuitry: The makers of JETBeam understand just how annoying a flickering light can be. To eliminate inconsistent streams, JETBeam torches have advanced power source regulated circuitry to produce the steadiest beams for the darkest nights.

To really understand how fabulous JETBeam torches are, you’ve got to see for yourself. Give us a ring to order your perfect LED experience today!