Buyers Guide

Buyer’s Guide: Key Features to Consider When Buying an LED Torch

LED torches technology is revolutionising the world of torches and portable lighting options. LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are small semiconductor devices that convert electricity into visible light. They’re incredibly efficient, long-lasting compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, making them ideal for a range of applications including LED Torches, headlampsLed Lanterns and more. Torches with an LED offer several benefits over other types of torch technology, including improved efficiency, greater durability, longer battery life and reduced heat output. This makes them especially well suited to outdoor activities such as torch for camping, torches for hiking and waterproof torches.

Lumens Explained: Unlocking the Brightness of Torches

Lumens are a measure of light output or the total amount of visible light emitted by a source. Lumens are commonly used to describe the brightness level of torches and other lighting products. The higher the lumen count, the brighter the torch will be. To measure lumens accurately, you need to use specialised equipment such as an integrating sphere or lux meter. These devices measure how much light is produced in every direction from a given source and allow for more precise calculations than simply counting individual LEDs on a circuit board. A good rule of thumb when choosing a torch is to look for one with high lumens per watt ratio – this indicates that it’s efficient at converting electricity into visible light and will help you save energy over time.

Candela Explained: What is your torch capable of?

Candela, or cd, is a unit of measure for the intensity of light. It’s used to determine how bright a source of light is at any given distance. Candela measures the amount of visible light emitted in all directions from one point and can be used to compare different types of lights and their respective brightness levels. To measure candela accurately, you need specialised equipment such as a photometer which calculates luminous intensity by measuring the radiant power per solid angle (the SI unit for this measurement is steradians). This gives an accurate representation of how much total visible light energy is being produced by a particular source at any given time. Knowing the candela output can help you decide which LED torch or lighting product best suits your needs – Whether you’re searching for the perfect torch for camping, trekking, or everyday use,understanding lumens and candelas is crucial.. Rule of thumb the higher the candela the further the light will throw or more intense (concentrated) centre of the beam will be.

Torch with an LED: Why spend the money?

LED Torches offer several advantages over other types of torch technology. LED lights are incredibly efficient, consuming up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and lasting up to 25+ times longer. This means that you can save energy and money in the long run while still enjoying powerful illumination from your torch. Additionally, LEDs produce very little heat compared to other lighting sources, so they’re perfect for outdoor activities such as camping or trekking where weight and portability are key considerations. With all these benefits combined it’s no wonder why LED Torches are the number one choice for any handled torch or portable lighting solution.

Reflectors Matter: Why different Torch reflectors

The reflector in a flashlight plays an important role in directing the beam of light and controlling its intensity. There are several types of reflectors available for use in flashlights, each having its unique advantages and disadvantages. Commonly used reflectors include parabolic, elliptical, conical, TIR, mirror-finish metalised plastic and grooved plastic varieties. Parabolic reflectors (smooth) provide a focused beam that is highly efficient at long distances while elliptical (orange peel) ones offer wider coverage but less brightness over distance. Conical reflectors provide good overall coverage but cannot focus light on particular objects or areas whereas mirror-finish metalised plastic and grooved plastic models offer excellent brightness levels for close-up lighting scenarios. Parabolic reflectors are ideal for search and rescue torches, while elliptical reflectors suit everyday carry torches. Ultimately, choosing the right type of reflector depends on your specific needs as well as budget considerations so it’s important to research all options before making your decision!

Buying a new Torch: What to consider!

When buying a new torch, there are several important factors to consider. Lumens, Candela, Reflectors, armed with the knowledge on torches and LED’s used in torches you are well equipped to know what torch you should start looking for. Equipped with this knowledge, you’re ready to choose the best torch for your needs! Explore our wide range of torches today