ThruNite Chargeable Flashlight TC10 V2 Cool White (inc battery)

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ThruNite TC10 CW

Flashlight must be turned on to charge

Product Description
TC10 V2 is the Upgraded Version of the first TC10 rechargeable LED flashlight, with updated
micro USB charging port, updated stainless steel side switch and improved UI.
It is designed with a wild outline, smooth reflector and heavy duty stainless steel bezel (titanium coated) for use in dangerous situations.
Equipped with ThruNite ITC technology, and virtually unbreakable aircraft grade aluminum body,
TC10 V2 is the last rechargeable LED lashlight that you will ever buy.

Upgrade from TC10
TC10 V2 has the normal micro USB charging port for easy use everywhere.
TC10 V2 has the upgrade stainless steel side switch, it won't easily get lost or broke.
TC10 V2 has the improved UI for better operation.
TC10 V2 Improved silicone cap for the charging port for making it not easy to lost

  • Updated common micro USB charging port for easy use everywhere.
  • Updated stainless steel side switch to make the operation more sensitive and convenient.
  • Rechargeable LED (CREE XM-L2) flashlight with intelligent overcharge protection.
  • More compact than other rechargeable LED flashlights on the market.
  • Smooth reflector for far beam in search, hunting, law enforcement and military applications.
  • Stout design for tactical use with titanium coated stainless steel bezel.
  • ThruNite ITC (Intelligent Temperature Control) technology to prevent possible light damage from overheating.
  • Five modes: firefly, low, medium, high, and strobe.
  • Reversed polarity protection system prevents damage to the light.
  • Ultra clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum body structure with knurling for firm grip.
  • Premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish.
  • Memory function to set any mode (except strobe) for immediate use.
  • Items included: 1* 18650 rechargeble batteries
    LED: CREE XM-L2 with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time.
    Runs on: 1 x 18650 (ThruNite 18650 3200mAh).
    Working Voltage: 3V-5V.
    Charging Current: 5V-1A.
    Output mode/Runtime*:
    -Strobe (900 lumens/4 hrs)
    -High (900 lumens/103 minutes)
    -Medium (227 lumens/6 hrs )
    -Low (12 lumens/123 hrs)
    -Firefly (0.1 lumens/83 days)
    Peak Beam Intensity: 21280cd.
    Max beam distance: 292m.
    Impact resistant: 2 meters.
    Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (1.5 meters).
    Working Temperature: -20℃-80℃.
    WEIGHT: 165g (without batteries).
    Dimensions: 153.5 mm in length x 40.8 mm in diameter.
    Power interface: 1 * micro USB charging port.

    Holster x1
    Spare O ring x1
    Lanyard x1
    Pocket Clip x1
    USB Charging Cord x1

    Turn On/Off
    Press the tail cap halfway to momentarily ACTIVATE the light. Click the tail switch to turn the light on and off.

    Change Modes
    When the light is on, single press the side switch to change among firefly, low, medium, high and turbo.
    When the light is on, long press the side switch to turn to strobe.

    Battery Replacement
    Take off the tail cap, insert the battery with the anode (+) toward the LED assembly (head of the light), screw the tail on and tighten it all the way to operate the light.
    Note: High capacity 18650 batteries(no less than 2200mAh) are recommended for TC10. Do NOT use two CR123 or 16340 batteries in TC10 for working voltage limit.

    TC10 V2 can be charged with input voltage between 4.75-5.25V. Charging current is 1A, which means it will take about 4 hours or longer to fully charge a 3400mAh battery.

    Light Indication:
    The indication light above the charging mouth communicates the following information:
    Purple: The light is being charged.
    Purple flashes: Abnormal charging. This may be caused when there is no battery inside or the flashlight is not turned on.
    Please turn on the flashlight and keep the battery inside to charge.
    Blue: The battery is fully charged.
    Red: It means the battery is low at about 10% and needs to be charged.
    Red flashes: It means the battery is very low at about 5% and needs to be charged immediately.
    f the light becomes red and flashes three times before dying when pressing the side switch,
    it means the battery voltage is extremely low and it needs to be charged.