Sunwayman R15A EDC Flashlight

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Sunwayman R15A

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Sunwayman R15A is one simple and beautiful EDC flashlight. It is a finely designed, compact and exquisite, solid and considerate high quality EDC flashlight with two most popular colors available, dark black and pure natural. It applies SUNWAYMAN’s newest anodizing technique, military TypeIII hardanodized specification. Fitted with premium XPG2 R5 LED, powered by one AA battery, this light reaches as high as 90 lumens. High efficiency constant current circuit without flicker effectively protects your eyes. R15A is your considerate and reliable lighting tool and your best choice for daily carrying, gift to family and friends.

Fitted with Premium XP-G2 R5, Output Up to 90 Lumens

R15A is fitted with a CREE XPG2 R5 LED; top LED brand in the world featuring its high efficiency and longevity with a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours (this data is provided by CREE), coordinated with SUNWAYMAN’s superior circuit system, the R15A reaches as high as 90 lumens. High quality metal reflector spreads with an ideal soft beam pattern.

Reliable Head-twisting Output Control

SUNWAYMAN R15A is a two-stage EDC flashlight, by simply twisting the light head for two practical output modes as well as turning on/off the flashlight. Twisting the light head in counter-clockwise direction to tighten the head for high output and twist it in clockwise direction to loosen the head a little for low output and loosen further to turn off the light. Beautiful knurling design at the head makes it convenient to operate by one hand.

High Efficiency Constant Current Circuit Protects the Eyes

R15A applies high quality, high efficiency circuit with constant current and without flicker. The light will not flicker frequently along with the change of the battery voltage, which effectively protects your eyes in the dark, and it makes full use of your battery without waste, R15A is your ideal carry-on lighting tool.