Nitecore TM16GT 1003m Throw Monster

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Nitecore TM16GT

Batteries and charger not included


  • Maximum Brightness of 3600 Lumens
  • Maximum Beam Distance of 1003m
  • Maximum Intensity of 252,000 Candelas

A.T.R. Technology keeps TM16GT stable and cool.

The TM16GT features advanced ATR technology to detect its body temperature in real time, accordingly adjusting its brightness output and preventing overheating problems - prolonging its work life greatly.

Integrated Battery Compartment

Its compact inner structure ensures the 4 x 18650 batteries are arranged side by side and leaves no space in between. The streamlined and ergonomic body shape makes the TM16 extremely comfortable to hold.

Direct Access to Turbo & Ultralow

With the TM16GT turned off, press and hold the power switch for a second to enter a special five lumen Ultra Low mode - or, hold the mode switch for a second to enter turbo mode for a retina-scorching 3,600 lumen output.

    Five Brightness Levels

  • 3600 Lumen - Turbo
  • 1500 Lumen - High
  • 500 Lumen - Mid
  • 210 Lumen - Low
  • 5 Lumen - UltraLow
  • Three concealed special modes

  • Strobe
  • S.O.S.
  • Location Beacon

Versatile Side Switch with Built-In Indicator

Installing batteries will activate the blue power indicator to blink and indicate battery voltage. Pressing the mode switch when the light is switched off will cause the blue indicator to blink in various indication patterns.

Incorporates Innovative "Precision Digital Optics Technology" (PDOT)

PDOT Utilizes digital simulation and precise point to point curved reflecting methods to optimize reflector performance. This translates to a more consistent, uniform an full coverage beam capable of illuminating targets at up to 1003 meters.

Four 18650 Batteries Ensure Strong and Lasting Output

18650 Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries offer high power density and excellent energy storage to extend the TM16GT's run time enormously, taking energy shortage out of the equation.

Rear Thumbscrew with Standard Tripod Connectivity

The rear thumbscrew lock can be connected to a tripod, turning the TM16GT into a camp light or camera light.

In activities such as outdoor events and hunting, the TM16GT brings you unparalleled illumination.

IPX-8 Waterproof - 2 Meter Submersible.

All specs have been measured in accordance with the international flashlight testing standard ANSI/NEMA FLI using 4x18650 3.7v 3400 mAh batteries under laboratory conditions. The data may vary slightly during real world use due to battery type, individual usage habits and environmental factors.