Nitecore TIP Keychain flashlight

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Nitecore TIP


  • Maximum Brightness of 360 Lumens
  • Maximum Beam Distance of 74m
  • Maximum Intensity of 1400 Candelas

So Small So Powerful

Superior craftsmanship enables the TIP to pack as high as three hundred sixty lumens while maintaining an extremely compact body.

USB Rechargeable for Maximum Convenience

The product integrated red power indicator that illuminates steadily during charging and turns to green when charging completes

Integrated High Capacity Five Hundred Milliamperes Li-ion Battery

It provides runtime as long as forty six hours

    Intelligent Protective Circuit

  • Over-discharge protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Ceases charging automatically when power level reaches 100%

High-Efficiency Constant-Current Circuitry

The TIP employs a high-efficiency constant-current circuitry (NOT PWM), effectively preventing fluctuations in output and reducing eye strain to minimum.

High Strength Metal Construction

Outer casing is constructed from lightweight and high strength aluminum alloy, protecting core components from damage.

HA III Military grade hard anodized metallic surface enables the TIP to resist to scratches.

    One Turbo Mode and Three Brightness Levels Available

    The turbo mode is a SEPARATE setting from the adjustable brightness levels

  • 360 Lumen - Turbo
  • 150 Lumen - High
  • 35 Lumen - Mid
  • 1 Lumen - Low

Direct Access to Turbo/Low

With the TIP off, press and hold the on/off switch for one second to enter low mode (one lumen)

In any state with the TIP turned off, press and hold the mode switch for over one second to enter the independent turbo mode (three hundred sixty lumens)

ATR Technology

Incorporated Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology allows the light to regulate its output and adapt to the ambient environment, therefore maintaining optimal performance.

    Power Indication

    Pressing the mode switch while the light is turned off to activate the built-in power indicators, the number of flashes gives an approximation of battery level;

  • Three flashes represent battery level above 50%
  • Two flashes represent battery level below 50%
  • One represents battery level below 10%


Hold down both switches until the main led flashes once to enter lockout mode. The product will be rendered inoperative to prevent accidental activation.

To unlock, hold down both switches again.