Klarus 18650 battery RS11,RS18,XT12,XT15,RS20,FL18 (Red)

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Klarus 18650BAT-34

Designed for Klarus 18650 3400mAh battery for RS11,RS18,XT12,XT15,RS20,FL18

Please ONLY recharge the KLARUS custom 18650 battery in the flashlight. An 18650 battery with PCB protection or CR123A batteries may be used in an emergency, but cannot be recharged in the flashlight and must be removed for charging. Please do not use a 16340 battery.

Price is for a single battery

  • Using high quality Panasonic cell core
  • Build-in short circuit protection
  • Any pole of the battery has a positive and negative polarity, regardless of battery orientation in flashlight
  • Integrated battery overcharge/discharge protection circuits
  • More than 300 charge/ discharger cycles