Fenix AD202 Traffic Wand for TK Series

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This diffuser tip will fit the Fenix Digital series: TK10, TK11, TK12, TK15, TK22, TA20, TA21, TA30, RC10 RC15

The Fenix AD202 Traffic Wand converts the focused high-output beam of the flashlight into an effective signaling device and is a must have item if you walk at night or have and auto emergency.


  • Fenix traffic wand can convert your flashlight into a glowing orange high-visibility wand. It's the best option for emergency and traffic contol
  • Made of PC-2805 plastic created by Bayer Material Science AG, high quality guarantee;
  • Anti-impact and anti-heat, super durable, can be used in bullet-proof applications;
  • Easy to attach and remove;
  • 39.7mm diameter
  • 180 mm Length