Eneloop rechargeable NiMH AAx8 Limited Edition Tropical Colours

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Eneloop rechargeable NiMH AAx8 cell value pack in Limited Edition Tropical Colours.

Discounted! Clearout, production date: 12-2014

Features of Eneloop batteries

  • Eneloop technology: 6th generation high capacity NiMH batteries with superior charge retention makes Eneloop batteries ideal for virtually all situations where alkaline or lithium AA / AAA size batteries are currently used.
  • Pre-charged and ready to use straight from the pack.
  • Recharges up to 2100 times. You'll use hundreds of alkaline batteries just to match the overall life and performance of Eneloop batteries.
  • Low self discharge means eneloop batteries are still ready for use even after long periods of storage - up to 65% after 5 years!
  • Environmentally friendly - Eneloop batteries and packaging are completely recyclable.
  • Rechargeable on most standard & fast chargers designed for NiMH batteries.