EagleTac G25C2 Filter Kit

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Price is for a single filter

Aluminum filter assembly w/ flip cover

YRBG color output & Diffused beam

Convert the original white output beam to yellow, red, blue, or green output. The vacuum coated anti-glare color lens gives accurate and bright output color. The diffuser filter features highly transparent frosty lens that transform original spot beam into a less focused beam with high output. 

Convenient at its best

Just flip the filter door to the side when it's not needed! Superior than others, our filter assembly is machined from solid aluminum material for durability. The door is sandwiched with POM material to ensure friction during movement. Stainless steel shaft is used to ensure long term usage. The filter lens is interchangeable without any tooling. The filter system is included in our complete add-on kit, or available as stand-alone accessory.

Output color transformer

Red color filter

Low light application.

Yellow color filter

Design to use in rain and fog. Also ideal for caving.

Blue color filter

Low light application. Great for investigation and inspection.

Green color filter

Great for hunting and fishing lighting.