Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

A. We ship orders next business day. An estimate of delivery times can be found on the below link and items would be sent from 2756 postcode, deliveries can sometimes take a few days longer depending on the post system


Q. If my package is not delivery what is you policy?

Bright Nite is responsible for packages missing in transit up until tracking shows the package as marked "Delivered" after that time it is the customers responsiblilty to speak with Australia Post about any missing items. If a package is marked as in transit for more then normal length of time, we will lodge an investigation with Australia Post and if the outcome is that the package has been lost in transit then we will either resend a replacement or refund the customer at the customers choice.


Q.I live overseas, can I purchase from you?

A. Sorry we only ship within Australia


Q. There are lots of torches and accessories to choose from, am I able to contact Bright Nite for help?
A. Yes you certainly can.


Q. What happens if I have a problem with my torch?
A. You can either email or call us and we will get it resolved for you as soon as humanly possible.

Q. What do all the terms and acronyms means for LED devices?
A. Here is a short list of the common terms.

Lumen output is a measurement of luminous flux using an integrating sphere . The unit of luminous flux, "Lumen", is a measurement of energy

Peak beam intensity is a measurement of luminous intensity at the middle of the torch beam. The unit of luminous intensity, "Candela", is a measurement of energy
Beam range is defined as the distance from the torch where illuminance is equivalent to a full moon on a clear night
Impact resistance is defined as the height from which a torch can be dropped onto a hard surface without affecting function and performance
IPX6   Protected against high pressure water stream at any angle
IPX7   Water-proof, or temporary submersion at 1 metre for 30 minutes
IPX8   Submersible or continuous submersion at some specified depths for 4 hours
Run time is defined as the amount of time, rounded to the nearest quarter hour, until the torch output drops below 10%

ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 Standard
Commonly abbreviated as the FL1 Standard, the ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 Standard is a set of torch performance guidelines.

With the FL1 Standard, ambiguous marketing phrases are a thing of the past, and direct comparisons can be made between torches from different manufacturers. Adherence to the FL1 Standard is voluntary, although the vast majority of manufacturers have adopted the standard.