Fenix TK75 Bundle w/ Rechargeable Lithium ion 18650s Batteries and Charger

Fenix TK75 LED Torch bundle

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Fenix TK75 XM-L2 U2 4000 lumen LED Torch   +$308.65

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Fenix TK75 LED Torch bundle

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Fenix
Max lumens 2001-4000
LED Type XM-L2


Worth a full 5 plus starsReview by Neil Dransfield
Did a lot of research, found you tube reviews and finally a review of the two torches I thought the best. Never imagined this touch would be this good and then some.
Wanted a strong beam for distance detail illumination and got the best I have ever seen, plus a flood of light the equal of most others. The package is neat and comfortable to handle and the low power setting is so dam good you can't imagine the output on high.
Bigger physical size does not mean better penetration or spread of light and this modest size torch proves the point! Expensive yes, worth every penny YES! (Posted on 16/02/2016)
Impress Your Mates Review by Dave
I did quite a lot of research before choosing the Fenix TK75 as the torch to buy. I could not be happier with this package, with the torch, charger and batteries all being top notch. The Fenix TK75 itself is just incredible and worth every cent, with every part of the torch being quality, even the battery holder. I am really pleased with everything but it's the beam itself where this torch really shines :). The colour of the beam and particularly the throw of this light is just mind blowing for a hand held torch of its size. It is also light and comfortable to hold. If I was asked to find a negative it might be that the on/off and mode buttons might not outlast the torch itself. I might be wrong about this and it would not stop me buying another one (which I am actually considering). If you do buy the Fenix TK75 I am sure you will not regret it. (Posted on 16/05/2015)
Fenix TK75Review by Robert
My initial impressions of the TK75 were that it is moderately large, but not clumsily so, and it is well balanced. It is comfortable to hold, the control buttons are easy to find even in the dark, and the interface is easy to figure out. Click on, then click the left button for brightness level or strobe.

Indoors. Shining the torch on the mid setting on the ceiling lights up the room. Doing the same on turbo is like opening the blinds up on a sunny day. It is really bright. I was really impressed with the amount of light coming out of a moderately sized torch. Nice colour to the light as well, with a more cool type white which I prefer.

Outdoors and Beam. Where the TK 75 really stood out for me is in the brightness and throw of the beam and the spill around the beam. At low levels it is a comfortable light for around the camp and even use inside a tent. At the 450 lumen setting it is great for walking tracks, good spill and not over bright, but good reach and the spill gives good peripheral illumination. But it's on the higher lumen settings that this torch really does get it right as well. It's not a tight throw beam on the TK75, it shines across a good wide area with a 'wall of light' across what you are looking at, making things easy to identify without straining to see. And the range of the beam is fantastic. Tree lines 200 metres away were illuminated easily, and the wide spill means I could see a lot of ground illuminated in a open field as well. I find that very handy. Many other lights will advertise 200+ metre throws, but the TK75 does deliver, even in muggy conditions. I noticed that it can get a bit warm on extended turbo use, but use turbo sparingly and no problem. High is better than many other torches turbo setting and still reaches out well.
Batteries and runtime. I fully charged the batteries before I gave the torch a run, and they are still good after hours of use. I use the turbo setting as needed and when walking around the bush mid to high is all I need, and the run time is great.

Overall impression is that this is a high quality torch in its finish and outputs. I bought the TK75 after lots of reading and checking out other options. I own other dedicated throwers, but the TK75 has a sweet spot as a long throw and flood torch. Great combo. The torch really is impressive, not a everyday carry kind of torch but comfortable, straightforward and very bright. I'd like to add that my ordering experience through Bright Nite's site was simple and straightforward. Prompt dispatch and quick delivery of the gear, which was a nice surprise. Everything about the purchase was upfront and easy. I was pleased with the service aspect of buying through Brightnite, and the quick delivery meant I could get this torch out for some real world testing sooner. Thanks from a satisfied customer. (Posted on 10/03/2015)

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