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Most common issues


1.) Flat or batteries with very little charge is the number one issue we find, please make sure you try a fully charged set of batteries


2.) Cheap, low quality batteries often don't have the ability to run a lot of newer and high powered flashlights, we always recommend batteries with a Panasonic cell


3.) If your torch works Intermittently, then chances are it could be a loose switch in the tail cap, often they can be tightened with a pair of long nose pliers,turning the inside ring anti clockwise or clockwise depending on the model


4.) Ensure that the head and tail caps are firmly done up


5.) In most torches the positive end of the battery should face the head of the torch


6.) Cleaning dirty contacts with rubbing alcohol can often fix issues


7.) Some torches have a lock out mode. If your torch has suddenly stopped turning on, please check your user manual and ensure this has not been activated.