Head Lamps

LED head torch is designed to leave your hands free while providing a wide field of vision to allow you to successfully complete your adventures. And here at Bright Nite we stock a broad range of them.

LED headlamps are suited for various purposes – from climbing and hiking to heavy duty industrial work like mining. Regardless of their use though, there are a few qualities that every headlamp must have – durability and a tough exterior to withstand being dropped, a capacity to survive temperature and weather extremes, a powerful and steady beam of light, and comfort and ease of operation for the user. These are some of the traits we look for in the brands we have in our online shop, and here’s a quick reference guide for the different brands we have in the Bright Nite online LED torch shop....

Fenix Headlamps

Fenix headlamps are an asset to any outdoor professional’s toolkit, and much of this indispensability is because they are specifically designed to satisfy the high-intensity that battling the elements leads to. Designed instinctively, the Fenix range comes equipped with features like the “lockout” to prevent accidental activation, multiple SOS and strobe lighting levels, and digital regulation of output for stream steadiness. With lumen capacities from 70 to 360, we’re quite sure we have the right Fenix for you here at Bright Nite.

Ferei Headlamps

With Ferei headlamps, it’s love at first light. Built to measure up to the toughest outdoor sporting and professional activity, Ferei lamps are that rare combination of beautiful design, a sturdy exterior and easy to access, convenient innovations in LED headlamp technology. With multiple hidden strobe functions and a patented microcontroller unit, Ferei headlamps can be adjusted minutely, so that there’s no limit to the making sure the brightness is exactly to your taste. Bright Nite’s online store has Fereis in three capacities – and we’re sure the massively awesome 600 lumens Ferei HL20 will take your breath away – it’s positively Feraicious!

Niteye Headlamps

Darkness beware; we’ve got Niteye. Perfect for a little nighttime outdoor exploration, Niteye headlamps are just great to have handy when for when you might be caught in the dark in need of some instant enlightenment. With adjustable brightness capacities allowing extension of battery life for hours, you’ll never regret your investment in a Niteye.

Xtar Headlamps

When it comes to professional lighting without compromising on comfort, Xtars are the ones to go to. Whether it’s deep sea diving, mountain biking or law enforcement, Xtar headlamps are perfectly versatile and adaptable tools. Designed with a detachable headstrap, Xtar headlamps can function both as professional torches and headlights. Try one at Bright Nite today, it will soon be your indispensable travel companion!